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1970 to 1979

Heather Austin


I left Greswold in June 1970. I remember well the annual reading test with Mrs Bullivent; the school dinners where we had to eat everything! The teachers I remember are Mr Harcourt, Mr Kerr, Miss Wood, Mrs Bridgens, Mrs Wentle (Infant School) and Mrs Rogers. I had to go into hospital during my time there and I also remember receiving a huge envelope full of letters from my classmates.

Lynne Holtom


I attended Greswold Infants in 1965 and I think Mrs Wood was head mistress, I remember Miss Turner also. I then moved to the Juniors where Miss Bullivant was head, she was known as Bully-Bags and was quite scary. I remember Mrs Rodgers as I was in her form and also Miss Hunt. There was a Mr Martin and Mr Carnell.

I was in the school netball team, I played centre position. I remember sports days, there were groups..... St Patricks, St George, St Andrew and St David I think it was, I was in St Patricks.

At Playtime we had to queue to buy OxO flavoured crisps, they were very popular and people would buy several bags at a time and quite often would sell out leaving people very disappointed. When playtime finished a bell was rung and everybody had to stand still until your class name was called then you walked back into school.

Dinner time entailed around 8 pupils around a table and there was a Captain who dished out your food. I loved school dinners but then my Mom was a dinner lady.

I loved my time at Greswold and hold a lot of good memories there, I left in 1972