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Our Curriculum

Greswold's inclusive curriculum is planned to establish an ethos conducive to learning, independence and self-esteem.Teaching and support staff work collaboratively to plan and deliver appropriate activities for the children. This process is underpinned by a philosophy of encouraging all children to take the lead in their own learning, the aim being to enable all learners to become positive, creative critical thinkers. Creativity is at the heart of our curriculum. Greswold's teachers work hard to provide exciting learning opportunities and to bring the topics they are teaching to life. During an academic year there are a number of themed days such as Rainforest Day for Year 3 or Ancient Greek Day for Year 5. These special days are designed to enthuse our pupils and provide memorable learning experiences.

If you would any further information about our curriculum, please book an appointment with the class teacher in the first instance who may direct you a subject leader.