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Year 2 History Links

CBeebies Dinosaurs CBeebies Dinosaurs - This site has lots of video clips to watch, raps to listen to and games to play. DK Find Out - Dinosaurs DK Find Out - Dinosaurs - Has lots of information about different dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Train - Field Guide - This American website has a great guide to a whole range of dinosaurs. Links to games too! Quiz O Saurus Quiz-o-saurus - Learn about dinosaurs and complete a quiz. Also has links to other games on the right of the page.


Sheppard Software - Dinosaurs Sheppard Software - Dinosaurs Facts (ADVERTS) - Click on the different dinosaurs to learn more about them. Sheppard Software - Dinosaur Games Sheppard Software - Dinosaur Games (ADVERTS) - Why not try to create your own dinosaur?


Design a talking dinosaur Design a talking dinosaur - Make some choices about your dinosaur then play the finished animation. Q-files Dinosaurs Q-files - Dinosaurs - This online encyclopedia is designed for older children but has lots of interesting information.


The Great Fire of London
The Great Fire of London game The Great Fire of London game - Play this game to learn more about the fire. Infant Encyclopedia - The Great Fire of London Infant Encyclopedia - This website has a good information about the fire and including how it started and spread.


BBC Schools - Famous People - Samuel Pepys BBC Famous People - Samuel Pepys - Click on the game for an animation about Samuel Pepys and his diary writing. My Learning - The Great Fire of London My Learning - the Great Fire of London - Click on the story book for an animated version of the story.