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• Communication and interaction

Communication and interaction


Universal support (for all pupils, where appropriate)


  • Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery and outcome e.g. simplified language
  • Key words mats
  • Increased use of visual aids and modelling
  • Adapted classroom environment
  • Class visual timetables
  • Structured school and class routines 
  • Drama activities, e.g. hot-seating



Targeted support (depending on the needs of the pupil)


  • In class support with focus on supporting speech and language
  • ICT software
  • Language Link intervention groups
  • Symbol supported text 
  • Individual visual timetable and task management
  • Advice from Speech and Language Therapy Service
  • Learning Mentor support
  • ‘ASD Superskills’ small group work


Specialist support (for pupils with more complex needs)


  • Support from Speech and Language Therapy service
  • Specialist programmes devised by Speech and Language Therapy Service
  • Autism specific programme (ASD team)
  • SISS Autism team advice and Inclusion Support Practitioner support
  • SENTAA Communication and Learning Difficulties specialist advice and support
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Makaton signing
  • Social Stories
  • Comic Strip Conversations
  • Individual workstations (TEACCH approach)
  • 1-1  support or teaching for some lessons or parts of lessons
  • Access to ‘The Den’