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Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Staff at Greswold often have a range of different roles. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities referred to in our policies.

Headteacher - Mrs Scott
Deputy Headteacher - Mr Hornsey

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Woodcock

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) & Looked After Children (LAC) - Mrs Glover
Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO) - Miss Ceillam

Deputy DSL - Miss Nock and Mrs Scott
Phase Leader (Foundation Key Stage) - Mrs Conway and Mrs L Rowe
Phase Leader (Key Stage 1) - Mr Hornsey
Phase Leader (Key Stage 2) - Mrs Glover
Educational Visits Co-ordinator - Mrs Bibi
Attendance - SLT

Curriculum - Mrs Foster & Mr Hobbis
Communication Lead - Mr Chater

School Council Lead - Mrs Foster

Social Emotional and Mental Health - Mr Jones

The Strategic Leadership Team

Mrs Scott, Mr Hornsey, Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Glover and Miss Carpenter

Curriculum Subject Leadership


Art & Design - Miss Summers

Collective Workshop - Karen Scott

Communication & Language Development (EYFS) - Mrs Hanlon

Computing - Mr Chater
Design and Technology (D&T) - Miss Smith

Ecology (including Geography) - Mr Wilson, Mrs Frankland & Mrs Clarke
English - Miss Nock (KS2) and Mrs Mitchell (KS1) and Miss Jones (Phonics)

English as an Additional Language & Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs Beddow

History - Mrs Howell

Literacy Development & Maths (EYFS) - Mrs Mitchell
Maths -  Mrs Hobday & Miss Mears

Music - Mrs Low & Mrs Jones

Physical Education (PE) - Mrs Reilly & Mr Iles

Physical & Expressive Arts Development (EYFS) - Mrs Powell 
Personal and Social Development (PSD) - Miss Ceillam & Mrs Groves

Personal and Social and Emotional Development (PSED - EYFS) - Mrs Conway & Mrs Rowe

Religious Education (RE) - Miss McCauslin

Science - Mrs Mills & Miss Lansdown

Skills Builder - Mr Hobbis

Success Stories - Mrs Howell

Understanding the World (EYFS) - Miss Fallon

First-Aid Trained Staff

Miss Carpenter

Mrs Hanlon

Mrs Rowe

Miss Elwell

Miss Emms
Mrs Cooper

Mr Cooper

Mrs Mayse

Mrs Harrison
Mrs Rochelle

Mr Chater

Mrs Reilly

Miss Nock

Mrs Owen

Miss Gordon

Miss McDonald