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Young Carers

What is a Young Carer?


Young carers are children and young people who have a responsibility to look after someone else. This could involve helping a person with a physical disability, a mental health need, illness, addiction or dependency.

Young carers have additional responsibilities similar at times to those of an adult.  They may help with domestic tasks, assist with physical support, help with medication, be a counsellor, a family communicator or assist with finances.  They may be supporting older or younger siblings, parents, grandparents, other family members, friends or neighbours.


Am I a Young Carer?  

Answer the following questions to find out if you may be a Young Carer:

Carers Trust Solihull: Find out if you are a Young Carer Quiz

A Booklet for Young Carers.

How does Greswold help Young Carers?


We offer a weekly young carers group meeting, where children can meet with each other, share experiences, explain their difficulties and successes as young carers and participate in fun activities. 

We provide details of Carers Trust Solihull and other organisations offering support for young carers. 


We have established links with members of the team from Carers Trust Solihull and with local businesses to provide additional resources, activities and opportunities for our young carers.


We have a SEND School Governor who works closely with our group to ensure that our provision for inclusivity and wellbeing for all continues to be a high priority.  

We have meetings and information sharing about young carers and our provision for all members of staff and school governors.


What do our pupils think about the Young Carers group at Greswold?

"It's helpful because you know you're not the only one."

"You realise what other people are going through."

"You know there are people like you."

"You're not the odd one out."


Staff Contacts

If you think that your child may be a young carer or would like any further information for your family please contact:

Mr Jones, Young Carers Operational Lead.  Email: 
Mr Hornsey, Senior Leadership Lead for Young Carers.  Email: 


T: 0121 705 4738

Other Useful Contacts