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• What is Greswold’s approach to teaching pupils with SEND?

What is Greswold’s approach to teaching pupils with SEND?


At Greswold our intention is always to be as inclusive as possible while providing the best education for each individual pupil and meeting their special educational needs. We strive to ensure that all pupils are included in all aspects of school life and are supported to have the best experiences we can provide.


Class teachers have the highest expectations for all the pupils in their class, including those with SEND. All teaching is based on building on what pupils already know, can do and can understand. Class teachers use a variety of teaching strategies so that all pupils are fully involved in learning in class. They will put in place specific strategies which may be suggested by the SENCo or outside agencies to enable pupils to access learning tasks.


Some pupils may be involved in intervention groups which may take place outside the classroom. These will be planned and monitored by the class teacher and delivered by a teaching assistant. They may be used to address gaps in learning, misconceptions, or to teach a specific skill or concept in a smaller group. Any pupil identified as needing specific support may be included in an intervention group for a planned period of time.


Some pupils may be identified as having specific barriers to learning which may require a more specialist approach. They may require referrals to specialist outside agencies, assessments and support that is additional to their peers. At Greswold we do our best to address the needs of each individual pupil and these assessments help us to support our pupils appropriately. We do not rely on ‘labels’ or a diagnosis in order to provide appropriate support.


A small number of pupils are identified as needing a higher level of individual or specialist support which cannot be provided from the resources already delegated to the school. These pupils may require an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The school and parents can request that the Local Authority carry out a statutory assessment of a pupil’s needs. The Local Authority will decide if the pupil’s needs are severe, complex and lifelong and whether to provide an EHCP. The EHCP is a legal document that outlines strategies and support to achieve both short and long term goals for a pupil.