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• Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Social, Emotional and Mental Health


Universal support (for all pupils, where appropriate)


  • Whole school behaviour policy based on Restorative Justice
  • Whole school BRICKS values
  • Whole school/class rewards and sanctions systems
  • Circle time
  • Jigsaw activities
  • Access to Lunch Club

Targeted support (depending on the needs of the pupil)


  • Small group Circle Time
  • Emotional Literacy small group work
  • Learning Mentor support
  • Stress balls, fiddle toys
  • Planned movement and/or sensory breaks
  • Access to 'The Nest' for entry into school with Learning Mentor support
  • Nurture practices
  • Circle of friends
  • Individual reward system


Specialist support (for pupils with more complex needs)


  • Use of Boxall Profiles
  • Individual work with Learning Mentor
  • Advice from Educational Psychologist
  • SISS Social Emotional and Mental Health team advice and support
  • CAMHS/SOLAR advice and support
  • Nurture group support
  • ELSA work (Emotional Literacy)