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Big Garden Bird Watch 2021

Big Garden Bird Watch

This year, Greswold are proud to be taking part in The Big Garden Bird Watch and we would love for all of you who are learning at home, to take part too! 


How it works

Sit next to a window that overlooks a garden, or an area such as your driveway or the road. Count the birds that you see land in one hour between the 29th and 31st January. You can pick anytime, but keep watching for one hour. Do not count the birds flying, count the birds that land in trees or on the ground. Have a go at recognising them using the ID chart! 

You can submit your results online at from 29 January until 19 February or scroll down, upload a photo of a tally chart and we can submit them on your behalf smiley

Every count is important, so if you don’t see anything, please still submit your result. Finding out which birds don’t visit your area is as important as understanding those which do!


Why is it important?

Thanks to people like you taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, they now have over 40 years of data and this has helped increase their understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife. Results like these help the RSPB spot problems but more importantly, they are the first step towards putting things right.

How else can you support?

There are small changes you can make to help support wildlife and birds survive harsher winters like we are currently seeing, and encourage them to take up residence in your garden. Fresh water is really important to birds in summer and winter, along with food and shelter. 


Bird Baths

Click here to find out how to make the perfect bird bath. They don't have to be fancy! A shallow container, gravel and fresh water is all you need. 


Bird Food

Bird food doesn't have to be gourmet! There are plenty of 'fat ball' recipes online that are cheap and cheerful, but still a huge support to our bird populations. Below there are two recipes that you might want to use to create tasty food for birds. Either would be great to hang in the trees in your garden, particularly at the minute when our gardens are covered in snow!

There is a wealth of information on the RSPB website if you would like to find out more information
Share with us what you're up to!

Whether you are making a bird feeder, participating in the Big Garden Bird Watch or drawing or painting birds that you have seen in your garden, please share with us what you are up to and we can share it on the website. Just take a picture and upload it here