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A close partnership is fostered between school and parents. Meetings with the class teacher are arranged each term. Formal consultations are offered in the October and February of an academic year, with a less formal meeting at the end of the Summer term to see your child's work.

Parents are kept informed about school events via The School App. Also regular letters are sent home via email. Some letters will require you to reply via email. If parents are unable to receive communication via email, we can offer a printed copy of letters to be sent home via your child. Please note that some communication will still need to be sent home in paper form. Check your child's bag at the end of a week.

Our website offers a good deal of information about what is going on here at Greswold. Check the Latest News section to see what has been going on or to find out about forthcoming events. Greswold also has a Twitter account which is used to give reminders and notify parents of updates to our website.

If parents have any worries about their child, the class teacher should be approached initially, preferably at the end of the school day. Appointments can be made through the School Office. Further discussion with the Phase Leader or Headteacher may be necessary afterwards, depending on the nature of the issue. For information concerning a parental complaint against the school, please refer to the current school policy here.