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Who's Who

There are lots of people who make Greswold such a great school. Here are some of the school staff.

Mrs Scott - Headteacher
Mr Hornsey - Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Lead

Mrs Jellicoe - Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Glover - Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Key Stage 2 Lead and Mathematics Support


Below are each of our staff teams. Each week class teachers have time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA for short). The teachers that will be covering your child's class teacher is also shown below.

The Nursery Team


Class teachers: Mrs Hanlon (All day Monday & Tu,W,Th am) & Mrs Rowe (Tu,W,Th pm & all day Friday)

Teaching assistants: Mrs Corcoran (M, Tu), Mrs Gibson, (M, Tu, W am), Ms Daffurn (W pm, Th, F) and Mrs Higgitt (W, Th, F)

Learning support - Miss Moore

PPA / other teachers - Mrs Hall will cover the Nursery teachers.

The Reception Team


Bumblebees - Class teachers: Mrs Conway (M, Th, F) and Ms Fallon (W, Th)

Teaching assistant: Mrs Roberts

Ladybirds - Class teacher: Mr Garrod

Teaching assistant: Miss Eaton

Dragonflies - Class teacher: Mrs Powell

Teaching assistant: Miss Elwell

Learning support - Mrs Terry

PPA / other teachers - Miss Jacobs and Miss Elwell will cover the Reception teachers on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

The Year 1 Team


Hedgehogs - Class teacher: Miss Evans

Teaching assistant: Miss Wilson

Owls - Class teacher: Miss Jones

Teaching assistant: Miss Turner

Squirrels - Class teacher: Miss Mears

Teaching assistant: Mrs Harper Maund

Learning support - Mrs Davis

PPA / other teachers -  Mrs Jellicoe will cover the Year 1 teachers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

The Year 2 Team


Rabbits - Class teacher: Mr Chater

Teaching assistant: Mrs Bevan

Otters - Class teacher: Miss Sumner

Teaching assistant: Miss Pearson

Badgers - Class teacher: Mrs McCauslin

Teaching assistant: Mrs Mayse

PPA / other teachers - Miss Jacobs will cover the Year 2 teachers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

The Year 3 Team


Robins - Class teachers: Mrs Low and Mrs Woodcock

Teaching assistant: Mrs Harrison

Sparrows - Class teacher: Mr Hobday

Teaching assistant: Miss Mobley

Wrens - Class teacher: Miss Ceillam

Teaching assistant: Miss Emms

Learning support - Mrs Owen & Miss Baker

PPA / other teachers - Mrs Jones will cover Wrens on Wednesdays and Sparrows on Tuesday afternoons.

The Year 4 Team


Chaffinches - Class teacher: Mrs Mills

Nightingales - Class teacher: Mr Wilson

Skylarks - Class teacher: Mr Iles

Learning support - Mr Cooper

PPA / other teachers -  Mrs Glover and Mrs Rochelle Smith with cover the Year 4 teachers on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

The Year 5 Team

Elms - Class teacher: Miss Summers

Oaks - Class teacher: Miss Bragg

Sycamores - Class teachers: Mrs Beddow (M, T) and Mrs Howell (W, Th, F)

Learning support - Mr Jones

PPA / other teachers - Mrs Jones will cover Elms on Wednesdays and Mr Jones will cover the other Year 5 teachers on Thursday and Friday afternoons. 


The Year 6 Team


Maples - Class teacher: Miss Dixon

Willows - Class teacher: Miss Nock

Learning support - Mrs Edmonds 

PPA / other teachers - Mrs Edmonds.


The Den Team


Class teacher: Mrs Willis

Learning Support: Miss Brookes, Miss Lansdown and Mrs Owen


The Nest Team


Class teacher: Mr Jones

Mrs Rochelle - Learning mentor (all day)

Mrs Cooper - Learning mentor (mornings)


The Office Team

Miss Carpenter - School bursar and office manager
Miss Lindsay - Admissions and SIMS administration

Mrs Dicicco - School secretary
Mrs Clayton - Teachers' assistant / Office support

Mrs Bibi - Finance and educational visits

Mrs Mayse - Finance assistant


Other Important People


Mr Evans - Site manager

Mr Hindley - Site manager
Mrs Beddow - Librarian
Abby Hall - Greswold Greyhounds Childcare manager (and her team of play workers)

Kristy Gordon and Nicola McDonald - Greswold Greyhounds Childcare deputy managers
Mr Smart - ICT support officer

Kim Billingsley - Walking bus leader

Mrs Marshall - Therapeutic Play Practitioner

The Lunchtime team