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Year 6 - Condover Hall



Aims of the Visit

Many of Year 6 have been together since Nursery and will be moving on to a range of different secondary schools when they leave Greswold in July. Our aims of this visit are to:


  • Have a positive social experience with friends
  • Take part in collaborative and cooperative team building activities



On this residential visit, we have a ratio of one adult to every eight children. Our staff take care of the pastoral care of the children and are with them at all times during the visit. Greswold staff are also available throughout the night if there is a problem. All activities are led by staff from Acorn Adventure staff who are fully qualified and insured.

The Site

The camp site is run by Acorn Adventure - a firm which specialises in providing residential visits for children. This centre is based at the seaside town of Hauteville-sur-Mer in Normandy. It is a five minute walk to the local beach and a short walk to the town.

The children sleep in modern tents. All tents are single gender, with boys and girls sleeping on opposite sides of the field. There is a shower and toilet block on the site as well as a small shop. The site is also monitored by 24 hour CCTV surveillance. More detail about the site is available on the Acorn Adventure website



Children will eat most of their meals together in the marquee. In the morning they will have a continental breakfast. For lunch, there is a choice of a hot or cold dish and a hot meal is available in the evenings. A warm drink and a biscuit is provided before bedtime. Arrangements can be made for vegetarians or children with other specific dietary requirements.


The guide below shows the normal programme of activities for the Year 6 Camp. Please note that some activities cannot take place in the event of poor weather, however there alternative activities available. 


Most of Monday is taken up travelling to the site, with a regular stops en-route to stretch the children's legs and break up the journey. Once in France, the children have a chance to visit a supermarche to buy some items. After arriving at the site and an evening meal, the children go for a walk to the nearby beach. There is also an opportunity to order an ice cream using their French. "Une glace au chocolat s'il vous plaît."

Tuesday / Thursday

On Tuesday the activity programme begins, with the children rotating through different activities throughout Tuesday and Thursday. During their activities there are lots of team challenges where the aim is to cooperate in order to succeed. The staff from Acorn Adventures also seem to know a huge range of songs which they teach the children throughout their time at the site. Below are the activities proposed for this year's visit.


Rock Climbing


The children get to climb a real rock-face in a gorge. They must work as a team to by pulling in the ropes of the children climbing. The Acorns team ensure safety is a priority, with safety helmets and harnesses being worn for this activity.



The children take to the water of a local canal in kayaks. They work in teams of two or three to control the craft, completing different challenges. The aim is not to fall in - however a few may get wet by the end of the activity. Floatation aids and helmets are worn during the kayaking session for safety.



The children enjoy competing against each other with some target practice. 

Team Challenges


One of the objectives of the visit is for the group to work together as a team. They are given a number of different challenges involving lateral thinking and cooperation, with one being billed as 'mission impossible'.

High Ropes


There are a number of high ropes activities including the 'leap of faith' and the 'fan descender'. Children can also work together to build a tower using crates, seeing who can get the highest. The staff from Acorns ensure the activities are safe, with helmets and safety harnesses being worn.

Wednesday - World War II Focus


The mid-point of the week gives the children a cultural experience. After studying World War II in the classroom, the children visit the site of the D-Day landings in Normandy and Arromanches museum. They also visit the American War Cemetery to consider the human cost of the war. During the day there is also a chance to do some shopping at a local market (a chance to use their French) and have a stroll on the beach.

Other Activities


Children have some free time to socialise or to play games. There is a volleyball court in the centre of the site which is very popular. Each evening there is a structured activity, including 'Acorn's Got Talent' on the last evening when the group can show off their musical, dance or dramatic skills to entertain their peers.


After an early start, Friday is taken up with the return journey back to the UK. Again there are a number of stops to break up the journey. We keep parents up to date with the ETA for the group's return using Twitter.