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After 2009

Iram Habib


I had such a fun and adventurous time at Greswold and I will always have lots of happy memories from it. 

Sporting memory: The Sports Hall athletics were super fun and we won the county final!☆ My running partner was amazing. Mr Hornsey was a great coach.

Most fun memory: We were at Llandudno and my friends and I stayed up late chatting to each other and had midnight feast.

All my teachers were incredible and they have helped me so much for my new journey ahead.


Oliver Fox


I will miss Greswold loads all my teachers and my friends were there. I will especially miss Miss Nock, Miss Ogden and Miss Howell. We did a good performance which was Matilda and it was super fun being Michael. I will also miss Miss Partridge because she is super funny and good at singing. Class of 2019 forever!


I remember in France Quasim wouldn’t wake up we had all woken up by banging pots and pans we had had breakfast and we had just noticed before we went to our activity. We dragged him out of the tent and shook the bed he eventually woke up 


William Lin


This was the most memorable place in the world. I shared lots of fun adventures with my friends. I am writing this in 2019 and Mrs Scott is head. It is currently May. I finished my SATs. I shall miss all my friends: Toby, Xavier, Qasim, Jack and many more... I shall miss Mrs Glover, Miss Nock, Miss Ogden and Mr G (dinner supervisor) as they always looked out for me and were always so kind. This has been a experience of a lifetime going to this amazing school. It has taught me many things and helped me improve in everything. Goodbye Greswold. I shall miss you... 


Maisie Burgess


I really miss Greswold even though it was only last year I left. I really miss my Year 6 teacher Miss Whiting (Mrs Foster)...


Alistair Kenny


I remember when we were in France in 2016 and there was a lightning storm and we all ran to the gazebo and sang songs before going back to our tents.


Zara Timms


I loved Greswold so much. I've had so many good memories that I can't pick one! I have the bestest friends in the world and I'm going to miss them soooooo much :'( Class of 2015 FOREVER! I LOVE YOU ALL!


Tia Hau


Years at school: 2005 to 2012

Preparing for my new school! Good luck everyone - will miss you loads.


General Memories:

I remember winning the Go 4 It award! It made me jump when Mr Bird called out my name for it!


Memories of Teachers:

We got to soak Mr Webb on the last day!!!


Memories of School Trips and Events:

Summer Nights was amazing!!! I had freckles drawn on my face!!!


Memories of School Clubs and Sports:

House netball was a draw between Andrews and Davids so we had a penalty shoot out. Davids won but me as a House Captain For Andrews, Andrews dominated literally everything like Mr Bird said!!!

Roshni Kumari


Years at school: 2003 to 2011

I am now at secondary school and I do rounders. I used to be in the girls football team at Greswold. Thanks to Mr King for making me interested in sports.


General Memories:

I used to be the register monitor and I remember that I used to take the empty coffee cups from the teachers' classrooms to the Staff Room.


Memories of Teachers:

I remember all the teachers I used to have and they are all great in their own way - even the ones who have left now.


Memories of School Trips and Events: The Isle of Wight was great. I loved it and Standon Bowers. I remember the school discos and Christmas parties. I miss all that so much.


Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Sports Day used to be great and netball, when Greswold won the cup. I was in the Netball Team too. I remember playing at Symphony Hall with the brass band. I loved every minute.

Hannah Butcher


Years at school: 2003 to 2011

I have made lots of fantastic new friends thanks to some advice I got from a teacher at Greswold. I loved my time at Greswold so much: at first I couldn't wait to get out of the place but now I miss it and I will never forget my time there.


General Memories:

I remember every fantastic teacher I was taught by especially Mr. Webb :)


Memories of Teachers:

Mr. Webb throwing pens out of the classroom window :)


Memories of School Trips and Events: The Isle Of Wight was an amazing trip especially watching The Simpsons in my room!


Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Dance club with Sarah King was awesome and it helped me to follow my dreams!

Abbie Brogan

Years at school: 2002 to 2010


General Memories:

The general atmosphere of the school was very supportive. If it wasn't for the support I got from the teachers at this school I wouldn't be where I am today.


Memories of Teachers:

Mr King, such a legend. Mr Bird was the best teacher so understanding and good fun.


Memories of School Trips and Events:

I remember doing the mural that is still on the wall in the hall and am still so proud that my drawing made it up there.


Memories of School Clubs and Sports:

Girls football winning the Solihull girls' school cup in year 6.

Hollie Nend

Years at school: 2005 to 2010

I'm now going to a school called Manor Primary School(Streetly). I'm really happy there.


General Memories: My Best friend ever who was Leah. I miss her with all my heart and never forget her.


Memories of Teachers: Mr. Wilson was the tallest but also the funniest and nice.


Memories of School Trips and Events: When we went to Dunfield House in the morning I lost my towel. I thought I'd never find it.


Memories of School Clubs and Sports: When we did rounders and we WON. Yay!