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• What arrangements are there for educational visits and residential visits?

What arrangements are there for educational visits, residential visits and extra-curricular activities?


All children at Greswold are enabled to participate in a range of educational visits which are carefully planned by staff to enhance their learning.   Year 2 children benefit from a residential visit to Dunfield House, Year 4 children enjoy a weekend residential visit to Standon Bowers, Year 5 children have the opportunity for a residential visit to Llandudno and Year 6 travel to France for their residential visit. Every possible effort is made to ensure these visits are accessible to every child regardless of their needs.
Risk Assessments are carried out for each visit and appropriate numbers of adults are made available to accompany the children including 1:1 support if necessary.  
After school clubs are available to all children and relevant adjustments will be made to support participation.