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Greswold Greyhounds Childcare

Greswold Greyhounds is our childcare and wrap-around nursery provision. At Greyhounds, children enjoy a range of activities indoors and outdoors. The service is based in the Rainbow Room, Rainbow Room outdoor area, Lower School Hall, Studio and KS1 Playground area. Children attending also make use of all the school grounds for different fun activities.

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Greswold Greyhounds Bookings and Sessions   

Please email with any changes to your bookings before Friday 19th July at 4pm.

Greswold Greyhounds September 2024

 Greswold Greyhounds will be back open on Wednesday 4th September offering all of our usual childcare services.

Please note we are not offering any childcare on Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd September.


Please email as below or call.

Greswold Greyhounds Direct Line 0121 703 2800 


How to register your child with us at Greswold Greyhounds. Please email us to request your childcare place, then register with IPAL and we will book your childcare.

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