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Parking guidance for Greswold vehicle users

At the commencement of autumn Walk to School Week, a message from Greswold's Senior Leadership Team...


Greswold is always incredibly grateful when so many vehicle users and families work in partnership with school’s values and expectations, particularly in relation to ‘drop-off’ time in the morning.  We realise that as a very large primary school, we have a duty and obligation to ensure all families are completely safe as they travel to school, along with raising awareness of the local residents and some of the difficulties they may face each day.


Our school values are incredibly important to everything we set out to achieve and that is why it’s imperative that everyone shows mutual respect to one another during that very busy time of the day.  Greswold is aware that a number of parents highlight our expectations to vehicle users, in particular, and we appreciate this ambassadorial role. 


In situations which involve parents talking to other parents about parking choices, politeness is always key even if there is a degree of frustration.  As a community, we have to remember that there may be challenges being faced by others that we’re unaware of and, as a result, occasional or one-off mistakes may take place as a consequence, such as dropping off or parking in the wrong place. 


Also, children are always present during parental encounters so we must remain aware of the impact any sort of confrontation or raised voices may have on them, including the tooting of a car horn, something which can induce anxiety amongst young people.  Greswold is a very inclusive school and there is a significant number of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities as well as pupils who require help with their Social, Emotional and Mental Health and this should always be taken into account by our community, especially in the mornings, a time which can be a rush and therefore stressful.   


By communicating with each other in a cordial, respectful and polite manner, especially when pointing out school’s expectations, then these messages will undoubtedly be received more openly, therefore enabling  Greswold's values of respect and belonging to be promoted and sustained.   


Enjoy this week's Walk to School Week and don't forget to log your child's journey on the Travel Tracker! 




In order to keep our whole school community safe, especially those who are walking, scooting and cycling to and from school everyday, Greswold have put together a list of polite parking suggestions we would like vehicle users to use.   


  • If you live within a reasonable distance of school, please consider using healthier options such as walking, scooting or cycling to and from Greswold.  Please refer to the Sustainable Travel website page for information on other initiatives. 


  • Please don't leave engines running (idling) while waiting for family members to return to the car.  The engine fumes will increase air pollution around the school site otherwise. 


  • Park and Stride venues are available at either end of school, a safer and healthier way to enjoy a journey to and from Greswold.  These include The Hub on Hermitage Road (5 minutes walk to school) and St Helen's Church on St Helen's Road (5-10 minutes walk to school).  If you'd like to use The Hub then please email your car registration to the school office so we can update the facility's parking register to avoid incurring charges.  


  • Consider using the Walking Bus service from Wharf Lane even if you don’t live en route.  It's a quieter and more peaceful 'drop off’ and ‘pick up’ location.  Application forms are available from the main school office.  Please note the Walking Bus is fully operational again.  


  • When parking on Buryfield Road or Ferndown Road, please use one side of the road only so that traffic can still move freely. 


  • If you locate and use a parking space near to school, please be prompt in returning to your vehicle.


  • Please park legally, not on double yellow lines and definitely not on the zig-zags as this constitutes an illegal traffic offence!  Parking Officers regularly patrol the road and will prosecute offenders. 


  • Do not 'drop off' children or family members directly outside of school, either on double yellow lines, single yellow lines opposite and definitely not on Zig Zag lines.  Thank you. 


  • Please be considerate to our local residents by parking carefully without blocking driveways or wasting any valuable parking space directly outside school. 


  • Always remember to escort your children onto the school site even if dropping them off is more convenient.  


  • Please refrain from performing 3-point turns on Buryfield Road as families will inevitably be walking on pavements directly in front or behind vehicles.


  • Please speak to other road users with the same respect and values we strive to embed in the children of Greswold.


  • Respect the allocated disabled spaces.  Only Blue Badge holders should use them. 


  • Please, please don't leave your car engines running whilst waiting for family members.  This will help to reduce air pollution around school. 


  • If you are running late, parking further up Buryfield Road beyond Woodfield Road can be quieter, and walking from there may actually help save you time.


  • We are a large primary school with nearly 700 pupils on roll so parking will inevitably be challenging.  Therefore please consider leaving home earlier to help alleviate any stress on yourselves or your children. 


  • Allow plenty of time for your journey, even more when it is raining!  School suggests adding at least 10 minutes to your journey if it's raining due to the increase of vehicles on the road. 


  • As ever, we will continue to encourage our families and the wider school community to adopt safe and positive approaches to travelling to and from school (See Sustainable Travel).  However, if you do have a complaint regarding illegal or inconsiderate parking, this really needs to be addressed with the Parking Enforcement or Highways team at Solihull MBC.


  • To communicate observed concerns about inappropriate vehicle use or parking, please contact Solihull MBC using the following details:


                             Telephone number: 0121 704 6111




Thank you for your continued support. 

Important message from Solihull Council Parking Enforcement

After speaking with a Solihull Council Parking Officer, legal guidance has emerged which vehicle users may not be aware of. 


All along Buryfield Road, there are yellow dashes (see photos above) painted onto the kerbs everywhere expect by zig-zag lines or disabled spaces.  These lines signify that vehicle users are not allowed to even stop (to drop off) at anytime during the restrictions set out directly outside school (8-10am, 2-4pm).  Therefore, any parent that stops to drop off their children in the morning at any of these points can be ticketed by Parking Officers. 


Instead, there are areas on Buryfield Road past Links Drive towards the Warwick Road where parents can park.  Admittedly, a five minute walk may be needed to then reach school, but this approach is in line with school's expectations whilst also being fair to other parents and most importantly, enables all pupils, especially cyclists to stay safe when travelling to school. 


Please demonstrate awareness of others and, if necessary, possibly leave home earlier to leave enough time to park or drop off correctly and safely.    

Greswold have been informed by the Solihull Highways office at the local council that the new parking restriction signs are to 'go live' from Tuesday 1st February 2022.  This means parking officers will start fining vehicles which don't adhere to the signs.  Although inconvenient for some, it will make the roads and pavements directly outside school much safer for pupils, their families and the local community. 


For vehicle users, it will mean having to park elsewhere possibly further up Buryfield Road past Links Drive and Woodfield Road.  However, this will in turn help to promote healthier lifestyles amongst children of vehicle owners as they'll have to walk at least some of the way to the school.  Please take this extra time into account when travelling to school in order to avoid arriving late.  Alternatively, you can always use the Park & Stride venues as The Hub on Hermitage Road and St Helen's Church on St Helen's Road by passing on your vehicle details to the school office first.  Please feel free to visit the Sustainable Travel page in the Parents section of the website to find out more information about other travel initiatives used by school to help alleviate traffic congestion.