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The book fair is here!  The book fair has now arrived and children are invited to the library with their class teachers to browse the books which are available to buy.  This year books are only available to buy online.  Please click on this link to view the selected titles.


When you have chosen the book you would like to buy please click on this link to order and pay:

(Please choose the option 'I am unable to attend the book fair')


For our new parents we wanted to let you know that school receives comission for books purchased which enables us to buy new books for our school library and the children's class libraries.  


Please note that books will be delivered to school on Friday 22 October and distributed after the half term holiday. Thank you for supporting us if you are able to.

Reading Challenge Recommendations Gallery

Reading Challenge

How lovely to see what you love reading children, thank you for sharing your reading interests and a very big thank you for joining in!  I decided on a gallery in the end instead of a video. I think all your lovely book pictures really brighten up this page, and you've certainly cheered up all your teachers by sharing what you love to read.  Can you spot your recommendation?  I hope you spy something that you would like to read next too!



Thank you to the children below for all of your recommendations:

Piotr, Katie, Maitri, Fairiss, Manishaa, James, Devaansh, Sanat, Safwah, Sarah, Sai, Lenny, Paola, Saarah, Sidharth, Ridwan, Daniyal, James, Livia, Ariana, Ahon, Arnav S, Naren, Taylor, Younus, Jessica, Roma, James, Khadija, Sree Sanvi, Sathvika, Kiran, Younis, Heera, George, Jack L, Sumyma, Emaan, Abigail, Jessica, Tanushree, Fatima, Sree, Noor, Zuzanna, Layan, Katie, Havish, Atushi, Aarush, Aanya, Arush, Bareen, Hannah, Sanjana and Shravan!




Get Reading on MyOn!

The school have subscribed to the MyOn e-book library for a year so that the children have a variety of books to read until they can bring home books borrowed from the library again.  Thank you to the PTA who have helped us to buy this subscription.  Research tells us how important it is for children to read for at least 20 minutes a day.  We hope your child will find something they are interested in to read.  Here are some recommendations below to help get you started. 

The Library Photo Gallery 2020-2021

The Library Photo Gallery 2019-2020