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• Cognition and learning

Cognition and Learning


Universal support (for all pupils, where appropriate)


  • Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery and outcome
  • Careful grouping
  • Modelling
  • Visual timetables
  • Visual reminders, memory aids
  • Illustrated / ACE dictionaries
  • High interest / low reading age books
  • Writing frames
  • Scaffolding learning
  • Task boards
  • Access to ICT
  • Use of recordable devices
  • Reducing copying from board 

Targeted support (depending on the needs of the pupil)


  • Intervention programmes such as Numicon and Read,Write Inc.
  • Precision teaching
  • Shared in class support from TA
  • Multi-sensory spelling practice groups
  • Targeted ICT access
  • Learning Mentor time
  • Small group support or teaching for  part of some lessons or interventions
  • Reading overlays
  • Coloured paper and exercise books


Specialist support (for pupils with more complex needs)


  • Intense English / Maths support and interventions
  • Individual reading programme
  • Specialist literacy and numeracy programmes e.g. Nessy Reading and Spelling; IDL Numeracy.
  • SENTAA Communication and Learning Difficulties specialist advice and support.
  • Small group or 1-1  support or teaching for some lessons or parts of lessons.
  • Auditory and visual memory groups
  • Fine and gross motor skill programmes such as BEAM
  • Specialist ICT equipment or programmes