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General support
SPACE Factsheets
Project SPACE (Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally) from Headstart Kernow. The aim of these factsheets is to give you some strategies to look after your children by looking after yourself.
Supportive Websites
Solihull Inclusion Support Service SEMH Team Newsletters

ELSA Support Resources

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants

Below is a series of mindful, craft activities which are designed by the wonderful ELSA support team. Choose an activity by clicking on the blue text. This will then link straight to the resource on the website.

Pookie Knightsmith Mental Health 

YouTube videos which may be supportive

ANXIETY | Top phrases for calming anxious children

In this video I explore three types of phrases (and lots of actual examples) that can be really helpful when trying to reassure or calm children who are anxi...

BEREAVEMENT | 3 activities for supporting children

This video talks through 3 simple activities for supporting children who've been bereaved. The resources I refer to during this video are: A monster's handbo...