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Friday 12.11.21

Guided Reading

Please read for 15-20 minutes each day by choosing a free ebook from the correct book band using the Oxford Owl website here. This can be done in one chunk or broken up into smaller chunks throughout the day. Please read books on the pink band.



Please practice writing your first name, including a capital letter to start and forming each letter correctly.




Begin by recapping the phase 2 sounds by playing 'Grab a Giggling Grapheme' on Phonics Play here. Please select to play with all phase 2 sounds.  


Use the CVC blending ppt below to practice sounding out and blending CVC words. 


Complete the 'I spy' worksheets by reading the sounds in each word and blending them together. Match each word up to the correct picture.


Ordering the days of the week. Watch the BBC Bitesize Video and complete the days of the week activity here.


Then, cut out and stick the days of the week in order. 


Finally, practice writing the days of the week by tracing each word.



Learn the place value of teen numbers. Represent a teen number using the HTO dienes chart here (choose the first option in the pink row). Discuss that in a teen number there is always one ten. To read a 2 digit number we must first count up the tens and then add the ones.


Practice reading teen numbers by playing Place value basketball with numbers up to 19.


Then, use the loop cards to read the dines representations and match them up with the correct number to create a loop.


Bonfire night. 


Talk about how bonfire night is celebrated now and talk about any any experiences you have of celebrating bonfire night. Read about the different ways that people celebrated bonfire night in the past through the speech bubbles on the presentation 'Bonfire Night in the Past Presentation'.


Sort the pictures of bonfire night into now and then. How do you know that this picture is from the past? Think about how the image was created. Is it a photograph? It is it in colour or black and white? What is happening in the pictures? Do we celebrate in that way now? What are the people wearing in the photographs?