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A beautiful Father's Day poem from Ahon again in Year 6, all in his own time!


A father is a teacher.

Yes, ABCs, addition, multiplication are essential things,

But a father teaches about life.

You scream ‘It’s not fair’ because it isn’t – life is not fair.

And when a single tear rolls down your cheek,

A father will hug you, but more importantly, he will teach you how to shake it off and try again.

He will teach you to stand back up when you fall.


A father is the glue.

Or rather, he is the cement to the bricks, the bricks to the house, and the home to the family.

He is the one holding it all in one piece.

He knows this because he has had to pick up the shattered fragments before,

Stare at the cut – down tree which had been his shelter.

“Along the way, it is okay to fall,” he will say, “as long as you know how to get back up.”


A father is a guide.

He will guide you through life, show you the way,

When you are lost, a dead end staring right at you in the face,

A father will tell you how to reach your destination, show you the path to get through your toughest times.

He can be a sturdy wall, and protect you, or be the key to the door.

And beyond that door, is a life, a latter stage, where you may not be with your father anymore.

But he has taught you, and that is what you will need and that is what you have.


A father is a world…

A world to every child.

But what happens when that world disappears?

And that is why he taught you – it is all for this moment.

You have fallen, and his words echo in your head.

Can you stand back up?

Can you join a million piece back together?


A father can be anything, everything.

Because he will do anything, everything to see a smile on his child’s face.


Maybe, one day, you will have to do the same,

Be that world for a child.

Because, no matter what, a father can be nothing less.