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A final farewell from our wonderful year 6 girls' footballers!

On Wednesday, a group of 18 Year 6 girls represented our school in a girls' football cup competition called known as the Football Plate competition.  All matches were short and over very quickly in 8 minutes.


One of our two teams was made up of girls who had never played in a competitive match before, and Mr Wilson warned them that as all the other teams were made up of experienced players, the Greswold team would have to prepare themselves that they may find it very challenging.  However, as the tournament progressed, the girls learned very quickly, getting better and better.  In one match we were just about to celebrate a well earned draw when the ball dribbled over our goal line and the whistle then went.  However, Mr Wilson and Miss Bragg were extremely proud of the way the girls improved match on match and showed excellent teamwork and developing skills.


The other Greswold team was made up of more experienced players.  They did lose a well-contested match 1-0, but drew two other matches 0-0, but then as they grew in confidence, they were delighted to win their final match 3-0.  This is a pretty amazing achievement in 8 minutes.


Mr Wilson has been so proud to see the progress that all the girls have made this year, as well as their positive and enthusiastic attitude every Tuesday during training, and he really hopes that each one of them continues with their football in Year 7.  Good luck girls and we hope to see some of you again as the football stars of the future.