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A message from one of our school charities

Dear Friends,


Thank you for the continued support from you all. We trust that you will all have a very blessed Christmas and a healthy and meaningful 2024. We have made the decision this year not to sponsor any more pupils at schools in Kenya as we feel that it is time to start tapering the charity to a close.


This is a carefully considered plan and will not happen suddenly. We expect it to take a few years as we promise to continue to support existing students while still in education, as long as we have the resources.


All Trustees here in the `UK and our trusted colleagues in Kenya are getting older and do not realistically believe we can carry the Charity forward indefinitely in the way it has been done for the past 30 years We hope you all will continue to support us for the next few years as the doors have not closed yet, and all funds held in account right to the end will be used for appropriate educational projects or to support a university scholarship for a deserving student.


We will continue to help our pupils/students as long as we can and your continued commitment and enthusiasm will be most appreciated. Every good wish for the festive season and we shall continue to keep you updated from our sponsored pupils’ letters and activities.


Yours sincerely


Ian D. Carnell MBE and all our trustees Chairman of the Trustees EducAid Africa