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A polite reminder to protect our new Y5 cyclists by NOT dropping off on double yellow lines!

A few weeks ago, the vast majority of our Y5 pupils successfully completed their L1 and L2 Bikeability courses, meaning they are now allowed to cycle on roads safely.  As a result, several of our Y5 pupils, along with Y6 pupils (some of whom have completed their L3 accreditation) are cycling to school more often which is wonderful and sustainable. 


However, there is an increasing amount of vehicles who are dropping off pupils outside of school on the double yellow lines.  This endangers pedestrians and cyclists especially as they have to veer out of the way into the middle of the road.  


Please refrain from dropping off on double yellow lines or zig zag lines directly outside the school on Buryfield Road please.  It would appear to be convenient however please show awareness of other vehicles who are parking in the correct places, cyclists and pedestrians. 


The photographs were taken by a conscientious parent who raised these concerns.