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A typical Greswold theme - children striving for similar success but in lots of different ways!

This morning's Star Pupil assembly really showcased how special and unique our children are, here at Greswold.  The BRICKS theme this week of celebrating similarities and differences was clearly evidenced through the assortment of different ways Greswold children had been both thoughtful and successful this week.


Sarah, in Nightingales, had previously written a letter to her majesty the Queen, when she was in year 3, about her motivation to conserve the rainforests, inspired by the topic she was learning about in school at the time.  This week, she received a response, a lovely letter from the Prince and Princess of Wales who sent their warmest wishes and best thanks for her letter, which you can read below.  Well done Sarah, what a lovely thing to do and something special to keep forever! 


We also heard about successes this week in football for the year 6 boys and everyone congratulated the Junior Travel Ambassadors (who received their badges) for taking on such an important role.


The reasons given for the why each pupil received a certificate were unique in themselves, heart warming and inspiring for everyone to hear.