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Autumn Walk to School Week - politeness and respect is the name of the game!

During this week's autumn Walk to School Week, please take some time to reflect on the following message:


Greswold is always incredibly grateful when so many vehicle users and families work in partnership with school’s values and expectations, particularly in relation to ‘drop-off’ time in the morning.  We realise that as a very large primary school, we have a duty and obligation to ensure all families are completely safe as they travel to school, along with raising awareness of the local residents and some of the difficulties they may face each day.


Our school values are incredibly important to everything we set out to achieve and that is why it’s imperative that everyone shows mutual respect to one another during that very busy time of the day.  Greswold is aware that a number of parents highlight our expectations to vehicle users, in particular, and we appreciate this ambassadorial role. 


In situations which involve parents talking to other parents about parking choices, politeness is always key even if there is a degree of frustration.  As a community, we have to remember that there may be challenges being faced by others that we’re unaware of and, as a result, occasional or one-off mistakes may take place as a consequence, such as dropping off or parking in the wrong place. 


Also, children are always present during parental encounters so we must remain aware of the impact any sort of confrontation or raised voices may have on them, including the tooting of a car horn, something which can induce anxiety amongst young people.  Greswold is a very inclusive school and there is a significant number of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities as well as pupils who require help with their Social, Emotional and Mental Health and this should always be taken into account by our community,

especially in the mornings, a time which can be a rush and therefore stressful.   


By communicating with each other in a cordial, respectful and polite manner, especially when pointing out school’s expectations, then these messages will undoubtedly be received more openly, therefore enabling  Greswold's values of respect and belonging to be promoted and sustained.   


Enjoy this week's Walk to School Week and don't forget to log your child's journey on the Travel Tracker!