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Beware the Anglo-Saxons of Year 5!

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the curriculum offer here at Greswold, Year 5 travelled back in time on Friday to Anglo-Saxon times to help immerse themselves in their new history topic.


A regular visitor to school, The History Guy, led the children through a range of entertaining and memorable activities alongside Greswold staff to explore the time period more. Throughout the course of the day the children became archaeologists and inferred across a range of artefacts from both Anglo-Saxon times and other time periods; dressed up in different costumes based on the time period; shield exploration, creating a shield wall to see how effective it would have been during the time period; and exploring ancient runes.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were able to gain lots of fantastic knowledge amid this amazing experience. 


Thank you to our fabulous PTA who helped to fund this curriculum enhancement.  


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