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Bringing the successful Hometime Harmony campaign to a close...well, nearly!

Everyone at Greswold Primary would like to thank our whole school community for their patience , understanding and efforts in working in partnership with school and taking the feelings of our pupils on board to make some really successful changes to school life.


As our Hometime Harmony campaign draws to a close, staff are really appreciative of the changes that parents, in particular, have made to their hometime routines, which have culminated in safer and happier Greswold children at the end of the day. 


However, we have decided to continue promoting two of our aims.  'Keeping to the paths is cool as we love our beautiful school' is still very relevant, especially considering the planting and gardening every Greswold child has taken part in recently to celebrate the coronation of our new king. We want to ensure that these wonderful additions to our school site are protected and maintained throughout next term.


Also, 'Please put away your phone, this is a chat and smile zone' is being retained to continue promoting a sense of community on the playground at the end of the day.  Seeing our parent community taking the time to acknowledge and chat with other parents, staff and children is what makes our school such a hub of the community and a unique place to visit.  We would like to continue this aim. 


We also want to acknowledge our wonderfully diverse community further so thank you to the pupils and parents who have offered translations of the two slogans we are keeping.  Below, you'll see the Urdu translation and we've also received Polish, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese and Arabic versions too.  These will be used to advertise the two remaining slogans for the rest of the academic year. 


Again, a wonderful demonstration of how our school community comes together for the common good!