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Cinderella, the poem - a real Greswold team effort!

As a follow-up to Storytelling Week, Mr Hornsey presented to the children his version of Cinderella in the form of a narrative poem.  He had originally set the children the challenge of helping him to remember the second half of the story (which he had forgotten!) with a number of pupils including Eliza, Tanushree, Faryal, Manishaa, Willow, Ruwaida and Aiza all contributing their own versions and ideas to help him.  It was a real team effort with the final poem being read out to KS2 then KS1 and Reception. 


The final challenge set was for the pupils to think of an appropriate title for the poem.  So far, suggestions have included The Girl in the Ball Gown, Pumpkin Girl, The Midnight Princess, The Twilight Princess and The Princess who lost a shoe.  Keep the suggestions coming children...........and they have.  New ones include The Last Slipper, The Lost Princess, Oh Poor Cinders, The Sinister Stepsisters, The Runaway Beauty, The Girl who went to the Ball, the Girl who lived.... and Cinderella and the handsome prince