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Congratulations to Mrs Bibi...the glue that holds us all together!

A wonderful sporting year at Greswold can only be achieved through the hard work and commitment of absolutely everyone involved.  One of those many individuals who create that wonderful team ethic is Mrs Bibi, who this week, has been deservedly awarded with a School Games Advocate Award, a prestigious awarded given to those unsung heroes to help to give the pupils the opportunities they experience and deserve on a weekly basis.


Mr Bibi's vital role involves ensuring the logistics that go with every sporting event are in place so, first and foremost, the children are safe.  This includes arranging transport, ensuring the right number of adults are attending for pupil/adult ratios and that the venues are sufficiently safe through the use of risk assessments.


Please view the photo gallery for the official reason for Mrs Bibi's award as it's truly inspiring.