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End of term House Point assemblies celebrate children's successes and highlights!

This morning's House Point assemblies not only celebrated pupil successes in achieving the most points in their class, but also helped the children to reflect on their personal highlights of the first half term.


On site Parent Consultations, the Book Fair, Harvest Festivals, writing displays, new Supersonic Phonics Friends' lessons and the fact that lots of children are still walking, cycling and scooting to school were all examples of things which were discussed. 


With regards to this final highlight, the pupils were also informed that the Travel Tracker will be reintroduced to the school starting on Monday 31st October with each child being allocated a symbol and being able to log their travel from home or school if necessary.  The badge threshold will change to only one active journey a week, compared to the Active Travel Campaign's three! 


The children's attendance was celebrated too.  Whole school attendance so far this year is just over 96% compared to last year's 94%, an obvious improvement already and not far off school's overall aim of 97%.  Chaffinches in year 4 lead the way in attendance this term and received a certificate.  So far attendance in that class is over 98%!  Otters in year 2 also received a certificate for the most improved attendance this term.  They even scored 100% attendance this week meaning they received the weekly trophy too. 


St George's is leading the way so far in the House Point competition with a score of 41 points with St Patrick's in 2nd on 40 points, St David's in 3rd on 39 points and St Andrew's in 4th on 32 points.


The assembly concluded with a reflection about being thankful for all the hard work and determination of others to keep the children safe, happy and motivated.