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Final Remote Learning update

Dear Parents and Carers,


Hopefully, this should be the final whole school remote learning update for the foreseeable future, as we look forward to welcoming all the children back on Monday 8th March.  As a school, we would like to express our admiration and gratitude for all the efforts yourselves, your family and particularly your children have shown to remote learning over the past eight weeks.  It was a new and challenging experience for everyone and something we can collectively celebrate, as a prelude to the transitioning of pupils back into full time education.  I feel the hard work and dedication of all will enable pupils to settle back into school routines and embrace their learning more smoothly and positively than before. 


However, in the event of any future bubble or pupil isolations, the remote learning provision will revert back to stages 1 and 2 of the Remote Learning Policy. 


Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to review Greswold’s remote learning provision and I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the results.  Overall, there were 127 responses and below is a summary of the feedback:


  • 74% of families rated the amount of weekly remote learning work as ‘About Right’ with 20% feeling it was ‘Too much’.


  • 90% of families described their child(ren) as being at least ‘Somewhat engaged’ in remote learning with 48% feeling their children were ‘Engaged’ or ‘Very engaged’.


  • 91% of families felt the audio/video recordings were ‘Helpful’ or ‘Very helpful’.


  • The live ‘drop-in’ sessions were rated as ‘Somewhat helpful’ or ‘Very helpful’ by 85% of families.


  • 95% of families felt work was acknowledged.


  • 85% of families felt concerns were suitably resolved.


  • 96% of families felt communication was ‘Fair’, ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’.


  • Finally, out of 5, on average Greswold families rated the provision as 3.78.


Thank you so much for the constructive feedback.  The policy itself is to be reviewed this month and the results, along with the comments shared, will help to further develop the provision. 


Many thanks and stay safe


Mr Hornsey