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Greswold and its community at its best!

Though the school term has finished, there are still plenty of signs that Greswold is still very much at the heart of our region's community.


The Commonwealth Games was a huge success as we're sure you'll agree, and provided a spectacular platform for which our region could be very proud of itself.  While teachers and pupils bumped into it each other at several of the sporting events, it was also apparent that members of our wider school community were very much involved in the games too.  A parent, Mr Kailey, who for so long now has been a great source of energy and help during several events at school over the years, especially Community Week, was pictured on the official Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 website, contributing to one of the many citywide community events taking places during the games.  Well done Mr Kailey!


On a visit to Victoria Park in Leamington Spa recently, a staff member noticed a brand new outdoor gym centre for the general public to use, funded by the Rotary Club, the same organisation that school have recently started working in partnership with to help year 6 transition amongst other schemes. 


Finally, it has come to our attention through the media that Buryfield Road will soon be a 20mph speed limit zone, something we feel all families will appreciate, especially those who travel to school by walking, cycling or scooting.  For more details, click on the link below for the article: