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Greswold awarded Bronze Modeshift accreditation for work on Sustainable Travel

Greswold have today been notified by the Solihull Sustainable Travel team that we have been awarded a Bronze accreditation for our work on Sustainable Travel and maintaining a 'Good' Travel Plan.  This accreditation has been awarded by Modeshift Stars, a national organisation which promotes sustainable travel across the country.  


Promoting sustainable travel to help alleviate traffic congestion around school has always been a challenge, especially in such a large school as Greswold.  However, our commitment to promoting active travel, healthier lifestyles and using alternative modes of transport has now been recognised by a national organisation which is really pleasing.  Thank you to staff, pupils and parents for helping to achieve this recognition. 


With regards to initiatives already in place at school to promote sustainable travel, please click on the link below to access the page on the website.


This is also the first Latest News story which allows parents and families to offer feedback and additional comments on an individual story.  Please click on the link below to access the comments form.