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Greswold celebrates its 60th anniversary

It was in September 1958 that Greswold first opened its doors to children. Its first headteacher was Marjorie Askew and the school was located in what is now our Key Stage 1 classrooms. Over the years the school has split into an infant and junior school (with the Key Stage 2 block being opened in 1961), recombined into a primary school in the 1980s, expanded to three form entry, dropped to two form entry and is now currently expanding to three form again!


Today we celebrated Greswold's 60th birthday with a special themed day. Miss Mears, our History Lead, introduced the day with a video about 1958. The school then mixed up and got to try different themed activities including learning music from 1958, looking at fashion from 1958, hula hooping and creating artwork based around the peace symbol which was designed in 1958. There was also a hunt around the school looking for how the site has changed over the past 60 years.


At the end of the day we had a musical assembly with each year group presenting a song which was released in 1958. Parents can listen to these songs in the Musical Performances part of the website. So happy birthday, Greswold! 60 years young.