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Greswold success at this year's South Solihull Cross Country event

The first major inter-school sports' competition took place at Old Silhillians over two evenings recently.  The South Solihull Schools' Cross Country team event always kicks off the year's busy sporting calendar and, as always, Greswold was heavily involved with the children performing fantastically well. 


Our year 6 boys' team won their event with a combined score of just 72 points, 37 points better than the second placed team (The aim of Cross Country is to get the lowest score) with the girls' year 5 team achieving a bronze medal place too! 


Thank you to Miss Bragg, Mrs Beddow, Mr Chater, Mr Isles and Mrs Foster to trained and/or accompanied the children at the event.  All of the children represented the school, and South Solihull for that matter, magnificently well and made their teachers and families very proud.  Well done children!