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Greswold's Active Travel Campaign - A review

Yesterday marked the final day that winners of the Active Travel campaign prize draw received their prizes.  School would like to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils, staff and families in making the campaign such a success.  It's also wonderful to hear stories from parents about how their children are now wanting to travel more actively to school each day.  In all honesty, this was the main aim of the campaign itself, to try to engineer a change in behaviour in pupils and their families when travelling to school in the mornings.  The data, compiled by families inputting their travel each day using Travel Tracker, also also reflected this positive changed in behaviour. 


There were over 11,000 journeys logged during the period 19th March to 19th May.


Only 586 of these were deemed non-active! 


49% of the whole school population took part in the campaign by logging their travel using Travel Tracker.


Of all journeys logged, 95% of them were deemed active!


Before the start of the campaign, 37% of pupils walked, cycle and scooted to school each day.  This increased to nearly 60% by the end of the campaign.  6% of families used Park & Stride venues initially which has now risen to 19% promoting school to start sourcing additional venues to host vehicle users looking park away from school.   


In April, Greswold achieved 442nd place nationally for their participation and in May, we attained our highest position of 9th in Solihull.  


Elms came 1st place in the school's competition, followed by Otters and Owls and the following pupils won a bike, scooter or Fit-bit:


KS1 & Early Years' - (1) Hedgehog in Bumblebees, (2) Tree in Bumblebees, (3) Cactus in Otters,

(4) Balloon in Otters, (5) Mushroom in Owls, (6) Sheep in Badgers, (7) Jigsaw in Nursery.


KS2 - (1) Shell in Sparrows, (2) Giraffe in Elms, (3) Apple in Wrens, (4) Duck in Oaks, (5) Fire in Skylarks, (6) Saturn in Oaks, (7) Whale in Sycamores. 


Over 900 WOW badges were issues to pupils across the school with pupils earning one each month being entered into the prize draw.  The interest in these badges and the success of children using the Travel Tracker has prompted school to introduce the use of the Living Streets Travel Tracker scheme as a whole year initiative starting in September for pupils to take part in if they wish.


Thank you again for working in partnership with Greswold and our local community.