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Harvest bringing the community back together again!

Greswold's value of belonging was well and truly demonstrated this morning with the reintroduction of Harvest Festivals back at St Helen's Church on St Helen's Road.  Representatives of St Helen's Church led by Reverend Sue were wonderful hosts and thoroughly enjoyed having all the children from years' 1-6 (in two separate assemblies) at the church to celebrate Harvest and to bring our community closer together. 


The children listened to and took part in the story of The Rich Farmer, were entertained and educated by a quiz about where in the world some of our fruit came from, and sang each Harvest song beautifully.  They also got to have a walk through a beautiful autumnal wood on the way to the event.  


Thank you to Mrs Rochelle who made the wonderful display at the front of the church hall and to the PTA who helped to box the generous donations from our parents ready to be delivered to food banks and charities.  


Next week, a number of our bi-lingual children will visit the Hermitage on Lode Lane to deliver more of the donations to the housing community there as well as spending sometime talking to them about their first language and teaching them a few things we're sure!