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Helping learning to 'stick'!

A strategy that Greswold employs to help children retain knowledge and store it their long term memories is to demonstrate how all learning is connected and to present using different contexts.   


Within this strategy, school staff use assemblies, classroom, corridor and hall displays, home learning and, most effectively, cross-curricular learning to help give added context and purpose to lessons so that children can visibly see that learning is inter-connected across our entire curriculum. 


Staff are particularly skilled at interweaving common learning threads across a range of subjects so that children can be successful in retaining the breadth of knowledge and understanding set out in the national curriculum. 


In our school halls, you'll see displays which replicate classroom endeavours which highlight the locality of world events as well as where things fit in chronologically. 


Outside the library, the children can choose books which relate to current world events which they encounter in lessons or even at home.  They can then use their curiosity to explore these events and themes even further. 


The wonderful theme days which each year group partakes in (Y6 Stone Age day and Y3 Ancient Egyptian day just last week!) help to immerse the children in their learning and provides a pertinent context to relate further learning to.  


Even simple learning posters and charts at home which children may have up in their bedrooms will help with their ability to retain information and interconnect learning.


Have a look through the picture gallery to see some of these strategies in practice.  Viewing using a laptop will enable you to view the captions.