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Information on Remote Learning Policy and potential 'bubble' closure procedures

All school staff have been working both tirelessly and diligently during these challenging times to ensure the safety of all pupils and our whole school community.  Despite this, it is prudent to plan for scenarios in which pupils, classes or indeed year groups might have to work from home if the need arose.  Therefore, we have published a Remote Learning Policy available in the policies section of 'About Us' on our website. 


School would like to assure all families that a decision to close a bubble, class or year group would not be made lightly, and would only take place with direction from Public Health England. 


The policy itself sets out Greswold's response during such an occasion and contains detailed information on available provision during a pupil's time away from school.  


Although the approaches set out in the policy are similar to those used during the previous national lockdown, there are a couple of notable additions.  Recorded demonstrations relating directly to the weekly plans, along with the opportunity to participate in live sessions with class teachers, will be used to enhance the home learning experience even further. 


School are aware that during the previous lockdown, there was an increasing demand for live conferencing amongst families.  However Greswold took the decision to not introduce these immediately until we were fully satisfied all appropriate safeguarding measures were in place by the various platform providers, especially with regards to Data Protection.   


The service we have chosen to use for live sessions is Microsoft Teams with instructions on how to access these being available on each year group's website page when the need arises.  It does state in the policy that any families who aren't able to access any of the activities because of issues relating to the type of device they own should contact the school office so that we can provide further assistance.  


Thank you for your continued co-operation and keep safe.