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Innovative, creative and informative curriculum work to celebrate

A wonderfully innovative and creative piece of work emerged from year 6 this week which really needed to be celebrated.  As you can see below, a map of Europe designed by Seb in Cedars using Lego completed at home was brought in and shared with classmates after being inspired by his recent Geography topic.  Well done Seb. 


Every classroom and the school hall now contains a map of the World which helps the children to see the connections between what they're learning and it's locality on our planet.  The Geography curriculum display board is another example of this lovely and purposeful idea.  On the subject of corridor display boards, why not take a few moments to view some other subject curriculum boards from around school, especially considering families haven't been able to see the inside of school for quite some time now.  There's always a lot going on at Greswold!!!