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Installation of Speed Indicator Devices on Buryfield Road

Over the course of the last few months, the wider school community will have started to notice a number of changes taking place directly outside of school.  These changes, to ensure Greswold families and the local community remain safe, have included additional disabled parking spaces, vehicle parking areas being relocated away from the school frontage, Zig Zag areas being increased in length and now the installation of Speed Indicator Devices.   


As detailed in this academic year's Greswold Travel Plan, school made contact with the Highways Agency to suggest further safety proposals with speed indicators being a priority, so it's very pleasing to see that two have been installed.  As well as the device directly outside school, another has be located further along Buryfield Road closer to the Warwick Road. 


Rest assured that Greswold will continue to explore all avenues in ensuring pupils and their families remain safe whilst travelling to and from school.  Detail of other Greswold proposals and actions can be found in the Travel Plan located in Key Information in  About Us.