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Let's get moving Greswold.......Street Tag has started!

Dear Parents/Carers,


Previously, we communicated the launch of the Street Tag competition, an initiative set up by Solihull Council to turn our local area into a virtual playground.  Using the Street Tag app, users can record distances, steps and points earned from collecting tags at various locations, which in turn helps the school to climb up the leaderboard rankings, as we compete with other schools in Solihull.


Well the competition which lasts for 8 weeks started on Monday and Greswold are currently in 8th place! 


If you've already downloaded the app, please start using it as the scores and points gained by individual pupils is averaged out across the number of users who have downloaded the app, meaning if you have already downloaded it but haven't used it then the school's total points score will be reduced. 


The instructions on how to download the app are below in the picture gallery or simply click on the link below to access the toolkit: