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May Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

Yesterday we sent out a message on the school app with a link to a special video message from Greswold’s staff. I hope your children enjoyed watching it and that it provided some comfort to them. I realise that your children are missing their school and the people they would normally see there each day. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video, you can access it via the link here:

We have received some really positive feedback on the variety of home learning opportunities we are providing each week, along with some useful suggestions from parents and children on how to make them even better. We do consider all suggestions made by parents via email at . We thank parents for understanding that not every suggestion will be implemented. If we do not adopt an idea, such as video conferencing, it is only after careful consideration by senior leaders and with the support of the governing body.

Please do not feel that there is any pressure from us to complete the home learning activities. We are trying to provide a variety of activities so parents can choose what is most appropriate for their particular home circumstances. However, I ask that you appreciate that every family’s situation is unique and everyone is under different pressures at the moment. This also applies to our brilliant staff team who are already working incredibly hard on providing home learning while managing their own health and the care of their own families. Some are also working on the school site providing care for children who cannot be cared for at home.

I know staff have been amazed by the quality and creativity of home learning that has been shared either on Tapestry (Nursery to Year 1) or through the upload link on each year group’s page (Year 2 to Year 6). Children have enjoyed seeing their efforts on the website too so please continue to upload your photos and a selection will be published by staff each week. While we will not be providing feedback on individual work, we are so proud of everything that the children are achieving in such difficult circumstances. If I can offer you one piece of advice, it is to celebrate the effort shown by your child, rather than worry about what they can’t do yet.

I hope that you are finding the other resources on our website helpful too, especially those that offer advice and support on mental health which can be found in the School Closure section of the website If you are in need of further support for yourself or your child, please do contact me via the school email address and I will endeavour to help you to find a solution or strategy.

Since the start of school closure, we have been in regular phone contact with our vulnerable children, as defined by the government. Following feedback, I am interested in knowing if there are any other families who feel their child needs a phone call home from a relevant member of staff to support their child’s mental health or motivation. Of course, we need to see if we can accommodate this but knowing the extent of how many children may need a call will help us to prioritise. Please let me know via the office email account.

The video message sums up how all staff are feeling at the moment so here it is in full:

Hello to all Greswold pupils and your families. We hope that you are keeping well and staying safe. It seems like a long time since normal school days at Greswold. We miss seeing you learning in lessons, playing with friends, eating lunch, singing, in assembly, having fun and learning new skills.

We miss being with you in your classrooms, in the Nursery, in the library, in The Nest, in the Den, in Greyhounds, in the outdoor classroom, on the trim trails, in the playground, in forest school. Everywhere.
We need you to know that we are all ok. We are staying safe, staying at home, protecting the NHS and saving lives.

We know it is difficult. Everything is different. We don’t know when we will come back to Greswold. Please do your best for your parents, for your families and for others. Try some home learning.

Remember our values. Belonging, Respect, Independence, Curiosity, Kindness and Success. Try to show our BRICKS every day.

We look forward to seeing you soon. But for now stay safe.

Yours faithfully

Karen Scott