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Macbeth Inspires...

Earlier this half term four Year 6 pupils were invited to a writing enrichment workshop centred on the play Macbeth. The children were challenged complete three different genres of writing with just under ten minutes writing time for each. They had to get to grips with an unfamiliar play as well as working with children from other schools. I'm proud to say they rose to the challenge and demonstrated our values throughout. 


Below are their favourite pieces of writing from the morning and this is what they said about it:


It was really good and I really liked the fact we could do the three pieces of writing. I liked working with different partners.


It was good. I liked the three different things and the way they helped us with them. I liked the way they explained the story. I also liked the way we discussed the themes of Shakespeare and it made me think about the themes of other writers.


I liked the chattiness and the biscuits! I also liked swapping partners.


It was fun and there were lots of things for each part. I liked having different partners.