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Magnificent achievement by Miss Hill, an inspiration to us all!

Over 50,000 athletes took part in this weekend's world famous London Marathon, and amongst them was a member of Greswold's own school staff, no less.  Miss Hill, whose roles include Learning Support Assistant in year 5 and lunchtime supervisor, participated in the gruelling race after months of training and preparation.  


The charity she was raising money for was AngelmanUK, a charity which supports those living with Angelman syndrome and their support networks.  Miss Hill has so far raised over £2000 which is an incredible achievement in itself and, although very tough by her own admittance, managed to complete the 26 mile course.


After admitting that she felt it was important for children and young people to see that you can do anything you put your mind to, Miss Hill is most definitely a true inspiration to us all. 


What a wonderfully inspiring story!  


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