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National Storytelling Week - Mr Hornsey needs your help!

This morning's whole school assembly explored several themes, messages and morals contained within the story of Zog by Julia Donaldson.  As an introduction to National Storytelling week, Mr Hornsey discussed this entertaining children's tale paying particular attention to elements of the story which highlighted the need to have enthusiasm when learning and putting effort into learning in order to be successful, along with building on our strengths, coping with adversity, respecting and valuing others and helping others to achieve their goals.  


He then set the children a challenge relating to the important message of helping others to achieve goals and in this case a collective goal.  Mr Hornsey has started writing a version of the fairy tale Cinderella in the form of a narrative poem and can't remember how the story ends.  Can you help him retell the rest of the story starting from the beginning or from where his poem is up to at the moment?  He will then include as many ideas as possible to create a whole school version. 


Watch this space for the exciting results....