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Onsite Parent Consultations accompanied by the Greswold Book Fair make a successful comeback!

The last week of term marked the reintroduction of our onsite Parent Consultation evenings.  School would like to thank our families for participating in such an important, purposeful and community event.  It's been a long while since parents were able to explore the interior of the school and though there was a fair degree of directions and tours being given, a large number of parents expressed how much they'd enjoyed being part of it.  The fabulous writing of the children were on display throughout the school and this was noticed and positively commented on by many parents as they walked round.  


On another positive note, the Book Fair which took place in the library on both evenings was a massive success with over £1800 worth of books being purchased.  This means school will receive £1000 worth of books from the publishing company which is a huge bonus and something which could only be achieved through the generosity of our school community, due in part, we're sure, to our children having very positive meetings!  Thank you to everyone involved, especially Miss McCauslin for organising the Book Fair.