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Over £5,000 raised at last week's PTA Christmas Fayre!

School have been informed that Saturday's very successful PTA Christmas Fayre raised in excess of £5,000 which is an amazing achievement! 


The exact total of £5,172 was the culmination of an enormous amount of voluntary effort from everyone who helped out on the day and during the preparation before and clean up afterwards.  


The selfless endeavours of the PTA, most of who have full time jobs, is so invaluable to the school and its community and is something the school has the upmost respect for.  


However, school is aware that the PTA is still in desperate need of more help from volunteers for other future events, especially at the summer fayre in July.  Please click on the PTA page in Community to find out how to contact the PTA to offer assistance.   


Every ounce of help, and the funds it subsequently raises, goes straight back into school to benefit every child at Greswold.  Greswold staff are particularly grateful for the support the PTA gives in help to enhance their delivery of the curriculum and therefore the education of the pupils right across Greswold. 


Just last week, the PTA helped fund the visit of the 'Animal man' to year 1, something I'm sure parents of those pupils have heard lots about.


Thank you again to everyone involved in Saturday's memorable event, it's those types of days that leave lasting memories for pupils and families for years to follow!