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Punctuality Push - Week 3 update

Dear Parents or Carers,


We are pleased to share an improvement in the amount of pupils that were late into school during the mornings of the final week of the spring term.  Compared to 103 pupils being late during the previous week, there were 87 lates in total, with a slight reduction in the reasons being allocated to 'Traffic' too.  Below are the statistics from the initiative so far, in full:



Total amount of late

children (in the mornings only)

Reasons allocated to


Week 1 (4th-8th March) 104 46
Week 2 (11th-15th March) 103 46
Week 3 (18th-22nd March)  87 40


Thank you for working in partnership with school during these last few weeks and we look forward to those results improving even further in the future. 


In the coming week, a recorded presentation will become available on the website for parents to view about the 'Punctuality Push' campaign.  It will give a more personable insight into the challenges faced by both pupils and staff due to lateness whilst also communicating some of the systems in place to support families in travelling to school punctually.  It will also contain some helpful advice and tips, contributed by a number of Greswold parents themselves. 


As ever, thank you for working in partnership with Greswold. 


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